The colours of Alwan 338 by Al Riwaq Art Space

In an effort to unite the many colours, sights and sounds of Bahrain’s buzzing Adliya district, a local gallery hosted the Alwan 338 contemporary arts festival. Alwan (meaning colours in Arabic) was presented… Continue reading

Arts and culture in the Middle East for the UK: A market research survey

For my MA Magazine Journalism final project I will be creating a magazine about the arts and culture in and about the Middle East for a UK audience. Please help me make it… Continue reading

Method to the Madness at CAP Kuwait

The burgeoning contemporary art scene in Kuwait was treated to a splash of colour this week as Method to the Madness arrived on their doorsteps. The show, a collection of art from four… Continue reading

6 film festivals in the Arabian Gulf

As the Gulf Film Festival comes to a close in Dubai and the Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival kicks off in Doha I started thinking about how popular film festivals are becoming in… Continue reading

The photography of Lebanese artist Camille Zakharia

Just over a year ago I was invited to Camille Zakharia’s Bahrain-based studio. This particular place is quaint and his studio is cosy although rather bare furniture-wise. He told me he would much… Continue reading

Saifi Village: Les Quartiers des Arts

Beirut has often been described as the Paris of the Middle East. It is a city where romance flourishes under the influence of art, design, poetry and music. Right at the epicentre of… Continue reading

Iranian film ‘A Separation’ is the first Middle Eastern film to win an Oscar

So an Iranian film won an Oscar! For those of you who do not already know ‘A Separation’ won the Best Foreign Language Film Award at the 84th Academy Awards on Sunday (February… Continue reading

Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet to be made in to a 3D animation by Salma Hayek

I first read Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet when I was 17 and just about to give up on school. My headmaster at the time, a man who seemed to have a lot of… Continue reading

Interview with Mideasttunes founder Esra’a Al Shafei

Psychedelic trance, heavy metal and hip hop may not immediately spring to mind when thinking of the Middle East but if civil rights activist Esra’a Al Shafei has her way it might start… Continue reading

The Qatari revolution is artistic

Qatar is a small country in the Arabian Gulf which tends to go relatively unnoticed. Or least it did. That was until it was named host of the 2022 World Cup and the… Continue reading